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Localising knowledge.
Creating other futures.

Wissen lokal denken.
Andere Zukünfte erschaffen.


Situated in the long standing struggles and versatile histories against extractivism and capitalist exploitation we are gathering ideas, tools and knowledges for living and realising the otherwise. As a collective of activists, scholars, artists, students, and other fellow beings resisting within and reimagining the ruins of capitalist reality the University of Possibilities / Universität der Möglichkeiten calls for other comrades to join the struggle and convene to share skills, concentrate efforts and conceive new forms of people-centered governance and coexistence, re-think tactics of resistance, social movement strategy, community engagement and direct action.

who we are

The University of Possibilities / Universität der Möglichkeiten is a new collective of activists, scholars, academics, students and other fellow beings that want to rethink the university as a space for common, horizontal, critical and socially active education which enables us to make change and create anew in a world on the brink of collapse.

Our aim is clear and simple, yet attentive to the complexities we are facing: reimaging what is possible in the light of what currently is! Specifically, it means dismantling the continuous wreckage of our planetary home in the name of capitalist extractivism and create a new, more just and sustainable presence for everyone.

More information
  • curricula

    The University of Possibilities is a pluralist approach to education. There is no one truth, no universal knowledge. We are nomadic and we exist in many local hubs of resistance, in pockets of liberated territory, in TAZs and in ZADs. We believe in connecting the struggles while fostering local strengths and autoctonous knowledges. Therefore, our…

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  • our vision

    While the capitalist system is heading towards the state of planetary collapse, we are shifting into an uncertain future. On the one hand, this uncertainty is disturbing, causes  fear and nationalistic exclusion. On the other hand, uncertainty entails the power of liberation – the rethinking of transformative potentials and other futures. It is up to…

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1. moving from theory to action

The University of Possibilities wants to bridge the gap between academic institutions – with their tendency to overtheorise rather than act – and social struggles, which in turn have a tendency to engage in action devoid of political analysis

2. localising knowledge

We strive for a world where many worlds can coexist. We do not seek one solution to the social and political problems we are facing, but rather appreciate ‘diversities of tactics’ in revolutionary struggles to tackle the multifaceted crises instigated by global capital. This means: solutions will often be context-dependent and local.

3. initiative of liberating education

Why is education for sale? Why is it governed by neoliberal market price rules? Why does the neoliberal agenda govern the decisions about what theories we learn? We believe critical thinking is a fundamental tool for social change, and we seek to free it from the monopoly of knowledge that academic institutions hold.

4. Core focus, context dependent theme

The core of the educational effort of the UoP remains the same everywhere we go: anticapitalism and collective liberation from oppression. These are the values we want to share, elaborate, disseminate and expand on. At the same time, every place and community is differently situated in the network of capitalist relations. We want to account for this by designing different curriculums for different contexts.

Our vision of knowledge entails all types of knowers